FIST Education

Advanced Training with Amma Education

This 3-5 day on the job training event delivers a customized training plan to assist organizations in developing procedures for combating moisture, mold and other biological derived contaminants.  The primary objective of the FIST training program is to develop core remediation skills, common trade procedures and uniform guidelines to identifying when to refer out.  This training plan will create competency in a reactionary team with both technical and tactical techniques.

Team training duration and content is predetermined before AMMA instructors travel to candidate’s facility and is established based on group objectives, experience level and geographical location.

Basic instruction format:

1. Introduction to learning objectives and establishing expectations of training standards.
2. Evaluation of performance under direction and coach areas in need of correction.
3. Debrief execution in a guided discussion format, assess student retention and identify areas for future development.

What You Will Learn

 Common tools, procedures and methods applied to remediation practices around the country
How to evaluate site conditions and establish protocols that achieve your objective
Learn to problem solve onsite conditions and teach employees to troubleshoot challenges
Learn prevention strategies to assist client in preserving their investment in services
Moisture management, property assessment and sampling strategies
The safer practices for sanitizing and disinfecting, product ingredients & overview of FIFRA
Fundamentals in fungal ecology and basics in microbiology
Develop senior staff to practice leadership
Strengthen individual and collective skills
Build confidence and teamwork