AMMA Training Programs

Basic Training

Our basic training curriculum is designed to prepare professionals for certifications as a Certified Environmental Mold Assessor and/or Certified Environmental Mold Remediation Professional. AMMA is a Florida state approved CEU provider and prepares students for the Florida state licensure exam in accordance with Florida law.


ART Program – Advanced Remediation Training Program

ART is designed to enhance the proficiency of the individual skills and procedures learned in our basic training for Florida licensed professionals as well as develop essential skills for out of state companies looking to build a business specializing in the remediation of mold and biologically derived contaminants.


FIST Program- Facilities Indoor-Air Solutions Training Program

FIST is a specialized training program designed to prepare facilities and maintenance teams of private firms to become proficient in moisture investigation and the remediation of toxic mold. This course offers fundamentals in fungal ecology, basic mold remediation techniques and moisture prevention strategies. The goal of this program is to empower teams to respond to acute mold & moisture concerns and build a foundation for developing proactive solutions for maintaining healthy indoor air.