The History of AMMA

In 1984 Bio-Science Environmental Services and Laboratories developed a state-of-the-art micro-organism and enzymatic technology to address hazardous environmental conditions that have potential health risks on the welfare of the general public. Bio-Science’s Chief Environmental Scientist Alex V. Delgado, Ph.D., E.D. and a team of geologists focused on extensive research and experimentation developing a specialized delivery method of this technology to remediate the different conditions presented for Petro-Chemical Soil and Groundwater Contamination, Phosphorous and Toxic Algae removal from contaminated waters and safe abatement methods for Toxic Mold indoors. Shortly thereafter, National Bio-Safe was formed as a construction firm allied with an environmental remediation firm, specializing in the evaluation of complicated building structures and solving indoor environmental concerns. Bio-Safe’s application of the bio-technology TM-100 coupled with precision building diagnostics would become the dominant green approach to addressing microbial contamination and indoor air quality concerns in buildings.

In 2004 Bio-Science Environmental Services & National Biosafe partnered with the philanthropic efforts of Richard C. LaPierre Sr., President and Founder of the National Association of Moisture Management. The National Association of Moisture Management, (a 501c3) non-profit was a pioneer organization focused on informing the public of the economic and health impact of indoor air pollution and advocating that industry professionals become educated on the most current medical information impacting the communities they serve. NAMM created an advisory board of some of the leading scientists in the field of microbiology and top physicians across the country specializing in treating patients with immunosuppressed conditions such as Lyme disease and mold or mycotoxin exposure. NAMM’s collaboration with Bio-Science Environmental and National Bio-Safe fostered the industry’s first ever initiative to have remediation specialists treat occupied homes and structures alongside a physician’s care to create a home environment conducive to support the healing efforts of the patient and their medical treatment. The American Mold & Moisture Association is the educational body developed through this partnership and is the culmination of 30 plus years of study, collaboration and experience specializing in Bioremediation and indoor environmental concerns.